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Embracing Your Authentic Self: The Art of Storytelling for Northern Lasses

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Growing up in the heart of Yorkshire within a typical northern family, I was fortunate to be surrounded by a family of truly gifted storytellers. My Dad was the youngest of four brothers and lived next door to his cousins so you can imagine the fun they had growing up. My uncle David was a raucous raconteur of my dad's mischievous mishaps and the voice of the grumbling grandfather I never had the chance to meet. His northern charm was woven with exaggeration, characterisation, heartfelt expressions and best of all a healthy dose of good honest humour which had us all in stitches!

What makes a story so memorable?

The magic of those golden moments for me was in the genuine way these stories were told that captured my innocent imagination. It wasn't just about the words they used or the tales they told; it was the warmth with which they embraced these stories that strengthened family ties and kept me asking for the same stories over and over again. 

As a child growing up it was the simplicity of stories that captured my imagination, some of my favourite childhood memories are of me and my younger sister Sarah snuggled up in our nighties while my Dad made up stories about the adventures of Copper and Sandy, the stuffed toy dogs we clung onto as his stories had us drifting off into dreamland.

Why storytelling is a powerful technique for public speaking

These stories left an indelible mark on me that runs through my veins and keeps Yorkshire in my heart despite the fact I moved across the border to Lancashire 20 years ago. I’m proud of my accent and I’ve a passion for storytelling that I can’t help but bring into every coaching call, presentation and training session I deliver. I'm always amazed when clients remind me of stories I've told them months down the line that inspired them to make positive change.

In the heart of our bustling business world, where every entrepreneur is vying for attention, it's the stories we tell that make us memorable. Just like the Yorkshire yarns spun by my dad and my uncles, stories enriched with genuine emotion, relatable characters, and a sprinkle of our unique personalities bring joy to our audiences. 

How storytelling can help you banish imposter syndrome

Northern women, like you and me, have an incredible treasure trove of experiences, memories, and dreams just waiting to be shared. So, here are four ways you can harness the art of authentic storytelling to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and inspire your audience:

1. Embrace the quirkiness of your personality as a woman in business

Your northern upbringing has gifted you with a distinct perspective and yes a little quirkiness too. Remember those stories where the most mundane events became hilarious tales? Don't be afraid to infuse your business stories with that same charming eccentricity. Share your challenges, triumphs, and even the minute mishaps with unapologetic authenticity. Let your listeners relish in the richness of your storytelling, take them back to their childhood sitting cross legged on carpet in the corner of the classroom listening to the teacher.

2. Use creativity and characterisation to bring stories of female leaders to life

What was your favourite book as a kid, the one you asked for again and again? In the heart of a good story, characters come alive, allowing you to step into their shoes and experience their journey. Take some time to describe those people who have played a major role in helping you grow your business. Whether it's your first boss who inspired you with belief in yourself, a mentor who guided you, or a humorous encounter at a networking event. Chances are your audience have had similar experiences themselves and will connect with you on a deeper level when they hear your stories.

3. Spice up your stories of success and failure with a little humour

I’m often asked if it’s ok to use humour in presentations, is it professional? Of course! Always remember to bring yourself into your presentations and use humor to spice up your stories. Share those moments of light-heartedness and laughter that have shaped your business journey (even if they weren’t all that funny at the time!). Remember the power of expressive storytelling you enjoyed at bed time as a kid - embrace your accent, exaggerate those expressions, and be descriptive with gestures to captivate your listeners and leave a lasting impression.

4. Get comfortable with being vulnerable

I know that you have the same fears as I do when it comes to public speaking; will it sound like I’m bragging if I share my business successes? Will people think I’m weak if I admit to my failures? Authenticity blooms when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable as we become more vidible. Those moments of uncertainty, doubt, and even failure have shaped you into the strong woman you are today. Share your challenges with courage, showing others that success isn't always linear, and that the journey is just as important as the destination.

This is your reminder that you don’t have to mould yourself to fit some generic blue print of what a business woman ‘should’ look like. By embracing the storytelling traditions of your northern upbringing, you can be true to who you are and create connections that are both genuine and long lasting. 

So fellow Northern women, it's time to silence that inner doubt and step into your authentic power in the world of business. If imposter syndrome has ever held you back or if you're yearning to tell your story with confidence and sincerity, let's embark on this journey together. I'm here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to break free from self-doubt and embrace your true, remarkable self.

I’ve created a special event just for you! Come along to Bold Moves LIVE! Selling with Stories to craft your business story and be inspired by hearing the stories from a room full of bold women embracing their authenticity.

Together, we'll unlock your full potential, and your business will thrive like never before. Don't let imposter syndrome dim your light. Book your place now and let's shine together!


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