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7 Simple strategies for when you’re paralysed by fear and close to giving up

Updated: Feb 9

Tell me something, do you ever scare yourself with goals that are so big you don't know where to start?

So, you're on the edge of something really big. In your head you can see it very clearly, you know exactly how you want your business to look 12 months from now, but making it happen is a whole other story.

Right now the fear and overwhelm are crippling you. That familiar feeling of being frozen to the spot, unable to move forward has taken over yet again!

You’ve had enough. Is this really worth it?

Totally get it. Been there, got the T-shirt, the cap and the hoody to match. Growing your business on your own is tough - no doubt about it. But throwing in the towel after all you’ve been through is not an option. You are not a quitter!

So, let’s dive into some no nonsense simple strategies that will empower you to make those bold moves:

Step 1: Start Before You’re Ready

You know what — waiting until everything is perfect is complete bull - it’s a trap. Starting before you're ready? That's where the magic happens. You don't need a blueprint to show you how it’s done; stop wasting time, just grab the courage to take that first step. Trust me, the rest sorts itself out along the way.

Step 2: Say Yes and Freak Out Later

Knock knock ✊ Who’s there? Opportunities - so many of them. But you’re so crippled by fear you often miss them and if they do appear in your face, fear creeps in and presses the mute button. Start saying yes, it's totally fine to freak out later. Jump into those scary challenges; they're your secret weapon for growth. It's like saying, "Sure, fear, you can come along for the ride, but you won't stop me."

Step 3: Set Your Stall Out

Once you’ve started it will be a whole lot easier to make those goals loud and clear. Setting your stall out is like putting your game plan on the table. Yes, the journey might be a rollercoaster, but committing to it? That's what will keep you on track and motivated, even when it gets tough. Why not use the Bold Moves 90 Day Planner to get you off to a flying start?

Step 4: Play to Your Strengths

Your strengths are your super powers that are unique to you. Embrace them, use them, and suddenly the journey feels less like a mission and more like a fun adventure. They're your secret weapon to make things a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable. Don’t know your own strengths? I can help you with that, book a DISCovery call HERE

Step 5: Manage Your Chimp

Okay, ladies we know it’s going to happen at least once during the month right? So let’s be prepared. Emotions? We all have them. But here's the thing: they don't have to be your driver on this journey. Managing your chimp is about keeping those emotions in check. Stay calm, stay focused, even when things get a bit crazy. You've got this. [,NB read The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters to learn more]

Step 6: Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Perfection is overrated, my friend (refer back to number 1). Let's shift gears and focus on progress, no matter how small. Every step counts, and inching forward beats standing still. Progress is your new BFF, and it'll keep you going when the perfection bug bites. Remember, tracking your wins each week is a great way to track your progress AND boost your confidence. There's a weekly tracker in your 90 Day Bold Moves Planner.

Step 7: Remember to Rest

Last but not least, don't forget to hit the pause button. Rest isn't a weakness; it's a power move. Take those breaks, recharge, and watch how it boosts your energy and keeps burnout at bay. Prioritise mini breaks throughout your year. Your business journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Ready to turn fear into fuel and overwhelm into opportunity? Join our Bold Moves Mastermind .

Let's make those bold moves together and show the world what we're made of. Secure your spot now, and let's rock this journey! 🚀


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