My Story

Hi, I’m Liz Pollard


I’ve been involved in coaching since 2009, steadily growing my own skills and knowledge while working with many local, national and even international companies.


Yes I’ve always been bold and taken opportunities to travel the world and helped businesses from an incredibly diverse background to improve their performance. I’ve had tonnes of experience coaching high powered business executives in UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East.


But in 2017 I realised I was approaching burnout and something had to change. So I made a bold move! I stepped away from a well paid, exciting and challenging job I loved and started from scratch on my own.


Leaving the corporate world of training was like breaking out of my shell – liberating yet also very scary! It took me a long while to feel confident to leave the nest and step out on my own. The fear of falling was real. I flapped around for a while, but I persevered, stayed positive and built the strength to overcome my fears, spread my wings and fly forwards with purpose!


Hence my logo, a Cardinal who, unlike most birds, don’t typically migrate in the winter seasons; they stand tall and proud during difficult times and come out stronger than before.


Having lived in Oswaldtwistle (Lancashire) for over 20 years, with my partner Howard, I wanted to create opportunities for local businesses to thrive. So I created coaching programmes aimed at small business owners to enable them to make their own bold moves!

Liz Pollard - Bold Moves Coach

In a nutshell

I help female business owners and women leaders build a bolder business and enable them to lead with confidence and conviction. My mission is to inspire leaders to be bold so that they engage and empower their employees, and transform the overall performance of their business.

Why should you work with me?

I’m a happy, optimistic woman who always wears a smile and loves a good hug. I’ve worked with many businesses that have experienced a multitude of issues and required coaching in various areas. When you come to me for help, I’ll listen, understand and encourage you to focus on your strengths to lift you higher.


I’m passionate about giving back so I support local charities, schools and businesses and I am a patron for Community Solutions North West. They believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and the best that they can be. A belief close to my heart!


I’m also a regular host and sponsor of the Hyndburn Business Awards, recognising and celebrating the success of local businesses across the borough.

Random facts about me:

When I’m not coaching, I’m likely to be:

  • Chilling at our caravan in the Ribble Valley, near the North Yorkshire border with Howard and Pablo.

  • Spoiling our gorgeous grandson.

  • Walking in the great outdoors my dog, a Staffy-cross, Pablo

  • Visiting my parents or friends over in Yorkshire

  • Having an indulgent meal and a drink or two!


A few of my favourite things:

  • Colour - Pink (can you tell by the branding?)

  • Food - I’m a sucker for cheese & biscuits, with wine of course!

  • Place - Minori in Italy, our 2nd home

  • TV Show - Friends, I’ve watched since I was a teenager with my sister

  • Book – Professor Steve Peters, The Chimp Paradox