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Are you ready to conquer self-doubt, find your voice, and ignite your business growth?

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every month

+£99 Joining Fee

Transform your speaking skills, sell your services with stories and attract business opportunities

Monthly Online Speaking Club to practice with feedback

Monthly Masterclass with Strategies and Skills

Monthly Challenge for motivation

Weekly Q&A Session - chance to #AskLiz

Speaker Toolkit (planner, guidelines, checklists & notebook)

Dedicated WhatsApp Group for Community & Commitment

Discounted tickets to Bold Moves LIVE Events

Discounted Presentation Power Hour coaching sessions

Transform Your Speaking Skills 

Bold Voices Speaking Academy Liz Boswell

You found the strength to quit your job and set up on your own - congratulations!

But self-doubt and imposter syndrome creep in and you know you’re the one holding yourself back. You cancel networking events and shudder at the thought of speaking on a podcast. If only you could believe in yourself, your confidence, visibility, and reputation would soar. But how?!


Speaking up about yourself and your business can feel terrifying, but it’s the most powerful way to grow, both personally and professionally.

Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to talk about yourself and your business (you’re getting palpitations just thinking about it)

  • You avoid putting yourself forward for in-person workshops or events so you miss out to competitors who have the guts to go for it.

  • You’re unsure of your identity as a business owner having left corporate and embarked on this new phase in your life (how many times can you change your branding and colours? Asking for a friend).

  • If you have to speak, you think you come across poorly and unconfident.

You're in the right place

  • You can’t face networking because of intimidating past experiences - any events you do book onto you cancel last-minute 

  • You suffer from brain fog and overthink what to say and how to say it until it tumbles out in a jumble and you beat yourself up after

  • You lack self-belief in your own value so shy away from opportunities to grow your business and charge what you’re really worth. 


I’m Liz, the Bold Moves Business Coach. I empower service-based female business owners from a corporate background to develop the confidence to say YES (and give you the tools to actually see it through!). 


The stories you tell yourself about your weaknesses and failures are holding you back. And they’re just that - stories. 


How do I know? I’ve been there.

I cried all the way home from my first networking event. Now, I regularly stand up in front of a room of people to speak - in fact, I get 80% of my enquiries from public speaking. Shy teenage Liz would never believe that was possible! 


I found the courage to make bold moves and you will too. Together, we’ll build your confidence and coax you out of your comfort zone so you discover the world of opportunities waiting on the other side, like breezing through a 60-second intro, speaking with authority on podcasts, or even delivering workshops with ease.

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Welcome To Bold Voices - The Speaking Academy For Women

How would it feel to find a safe space to grow your confidence speaking about yourself and your business with zero judgement and bags of laughter, growth, inspiration and motivation?


Welcome to The Bold Voices Academy - the monthly membership community that injects positivity, personal development, and purpose into your life and business.

Step into your new identity, own it, and shout from the rooftops about it - we’re behind you every step of the way!

How would you like this to be your reality?

Picture this for a moment...

  • You have to set up a waiting list because you’re attracting so many perfect clients

  • You set a BOLD goal to deliver a corporate workshop - and actually enjoy it!

  • You walk into networking events confidently and introduce yourself with ease, leading to new connections and business opportunities 

  • You say YES to speaking at events and on podcasts knowing you have the professional support and confidence to blow your own trumpet 

Which one excites you the most?

  • You’re accountable to set and achieve goals and can see visible progress in your confidence and income

  • You’ve increased your revenue by signing new clients and opening new income streams, like corporate training and premium packages

  • You’ve built a sustainable business that constantly creates the right opportunities, freeing you to take spontaneous days off for life admin or Aperol afternoons

Are you ready to experience them for yourself?

​All of these are real-life examples of achievements Bold Voices Academy members have unlocked within months of joining by working on their confidence, speaking skills, and self-belief.

What You’ll Learn

My nurturing, empowering community unveils insider tips and secrets that unlock newfound belief in yourself and your expertise - and you won’t believe the doors that will open for you!


You’ll develop speaking and networking skills and confidence tricks (like my favourite power pose!) based on my decades of professional research and experience

to get out and network, speak, and build your business with a clear purpose and concrete personal and professional results (for you that could be an inbox of enquiries, the confidence to raise your prices, or the courage to post a LinkedIn video).


You’ll learn how to manage your mindset based on human psychology tips and take actionable steps every week - with accountability check-ins - towards continual business growth and personal development. 

Everything You Get 

Come on into the UK’s most supportive speaking academy for women and unlock access to:

Monthly Masterclass with Speaking Strategies & Skills

A safe space to practise speaking about yourself and your business surrounded by support, loving feedback, and encouragement


WhatsApp group to access instant feedback, friendship, and words of encouragement in your daily business life

Monthly Online Speaking Club to Practice in a safe space

Accountability to say YES to opportunities to elevate your voice and be more visible

Special offers and first access to 1-1 coaching and new business coaching and personal development services 

Building relationships and collaborations with like-minded female founders

A community of new work friends to make life as a one-women business less lonely

 Discount on Bold Moves Live strategy days to practise your speaking skills, set goals for your business, and stay accountable.

"Confidence is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger you get"

Here’s what your fellow ‘Boldies’ have to say

Nuala, NuCulture HR

“Liz’s expertise and support is nothing short of exceptional.  I joined the Bold Moves Coaching Academy after setting up my new business.  Since then, I have learnt so much.  


“The workshops are absolutely jam-packed with high-quality content and tips.  What’s more, the content is shared in a way that makes it memorable and easy to apply to a variety of public speaking settings.  


“I have also had some one-to-one coaching sessions with Liz and I can confidently say Liz’s support has had a x10 impact on my presentation, facilitation and speaking skills and boosted my confidence speaking beyond my expectations.  


“I would never have dreamt of doing a podcast until working with Liz!  I am incredibly grateful for the impact Liz has had on my journey so far.  I would advise anyone seeking group or one-to-one coaching to invest in coaching with Liz. “

Debbie Slater

"I joined the Bold Moves Academy in March after following Liz for sometime on social media and meeting her at local networking events. I have learnt so much from being part of the academy and my business and confidence has gone strength to strength in that time. Not only are the resources and coaching that Liz provides great value for money but she attracts to her group an amazing bunch of women who are all extremely supportive of one another and they themselves hold, and are willing to share, expertise and skills that will also help you to boost your business."

Ali King, Words By Ali

"The best thing about the academy? The vibes! It's an amazing community and Liz leads it masterfully. We get to tap into Liz’s brilliant coaching brain to learn more about ourselves and how to develop personally and professionally, and Liz challenges us to get out of our own way and try new things that have the potential to transform our confidence and businesses"

Michelle Neary

I've been part of the Bold Voices Speaking Academy for over 6 months now and the impact being a member of the Academy has had on my confidence to take my business to new levels has been huge. Not only does Liz provide some much needed accountability but, the group calls and in-person sessions are so well structured and provide so much guidance, it feels like I now have a solid plan for the future of my business with actual steps to take. Plus, the public speaking skills I take away each month are making me feel more and more confident to shout about my business and make the connections I need to make in order to grow. I've made some fabulous friends in the Academy and have even found clients in some of the other members.

Invest in yourself - your future self will thank you

You can’t put a price on the newfound confidence, courage, and clarity you’ll untap when you experience everything the Bold Voices Academy has to offer.


Yet all of this is available to you for the manageable monthly investment of £79.


I’m passionate about making high-level business coaching and public speaking support available to female business owners, so I pack so much actionable value and professional support into Bold Voices Academy - for the price of a daily cappuccino.


I’ve kept the academy budget-friendly - it costs the same as a new perfume or beauty subscription box yet has a much longer-lasting impact on you and your business. 


This is THE most cost-effective way to invest in your personal confidence, learn new skills to grow your business, network with potential new clients and friends, and experience professional business coaching that expands your potential and accelerates your results. 

My promise to you

Your life will change when you join Bold Voices Academy. 


You might be thinking: “Liz, how can you be so confident?” 


Growing my speaking confidence changed me as a person and altered the course of my business. Now, I work with high-profile clients who are drawn to me when they hear me speak or see me on social media.


And guess what? Life has changed for every single member of the academy, too, in different and equally exciting ways. They’re doing things they never thought possible, or even considered an option, like being paid ££££ to deliver corporate training to a specific dream client, or leaving networking with a live business opportunity. 


An investment of any kind has to feel right to you, so I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision about joining the academy. Here’s how.


Join Bold Voices Academy for a month and find out for yourself if it’s right for you. If you’re not 100% happy, let me know and I’ll process a full refund (without any awkwardness!).


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - I’m proud of you for taking this step, saying yes to yourself, and being brave enough to see what you’re capable of.

Do yourself
(and me!) proud

Have you noticed how some women calmly introduce themselves at networking meetings, while you can’t even hear them over the sound of your heart thumping as your turn approaches?

Do you see other female business owners stand up to speak with clarity and confidence - without shaking, blushing, or freezing - and think “I could never do that”?

The truth is, you can. You have the option to stay in your comfort zone forever, but is that what you really want? 

Connect with Confidence

Wouldn’t you love to walk back to your car on a high after confidently introducing yourself to new connections and business prospects at your next networking event (without psyching yourself up for 20 minutes to enter the building first)? 


Maybe next month you’ll even agree to a speaker slot so your message reaches the entire room and doubles your enquiries? Anything is possible once you’re on this path.


I know it feels nerve-wracking, but I’m by your side cheering you on and making it feel achievable, exhilarating, and rewarding to speak up for yourself and your business.


You are capable of much more than you think - let’s go on this journey together with my compassionate community bigging you up every step of the way. 



There's never been a better time to join Bold Voices Speaking Academy! We've given the membership a glow over and your all new singing and dancing Academy is ready and waiting to be explored - we can't wait for you to join us!

But first let's get to know each other and make sure this is the right move for you, complete your details here and we'll arrange a call.

Speak soon

Liz x

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