"Change is inevitable,

growth is optional!”

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Imagine where you could be if you turned your trying into flying!

You have a dream, you know exactly where you want to be and you know it’s going to feel amazing when you get there.

Your days, nights, weekends are consumed with thinking up new ideas for your business and you know it would be amazing…


If only you could make it happen!

How to reach your full potential

Sadly, many of us will never achieve that feeling of self-actualisation. Not because we don’t get the opportunities or have the ideas. Or because we don’t have the knowledge or have the right mindset, most of the time. It’s because we aren’t bold enough to take action!

You may see opportunities come up, but you assume they are for someone else. You’re not quite ready yet. Maybe you feel you don’t have enough experience, or you’re too busy, or the timing isn’t right? 

What happens when you are an expert in a particular market where you know you could make a difference and you don’t do anything about it (for one reason or another)? Maybe you don’t want to appear pushy, or you worry what people might think? Are you’re scared of rejection or fear you will get it wrong?

So, what if you get it right and it catapults you and your business sky high to exactly where you should be?


Hi, I'm Liz, your Bold Moves Coach and I can help you reach your potential!

1. Strengthens Relationships

As human beings we like to be needed and this often leads to a desire to help and support others. Asking someone for help shows that we trust them and in turn they will trust us more because we are showing that vulnerability.


Want to learn the other benefits of asking for help? Click below.

Benefits of asking for help guide

Have you ever considered YOU may be the one thing that’s holding you back?

Believe me, I get it! I felt that way too when I started my business

5 years ago

I thought I had to give away loads of free stuff

I wanted everyone to like me

I thought I was there to help everyone else except myself

I was comparing myself to everyone else and trying to do what

I thought I should be doing

I was terrified of failing and having to go back to the corporate life!

Then I realised that the best way for me to inspire other women to be bold and achieve their goals, was to show them. So, I started to take risks and say ‘yes’ to opportunities that came up. I became more visible online by overcoming my fear of making videos. I shared my knowledge and expertise to be seen as an expert in personal development and started speaking positively about myself and my business. This was all in a way that hopefully inspires others and makes them want to work with me.

Now I want to help you do the same!

Are you ready to Become Bolder?

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