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Be Bold, Be Heard, Be You 

If you're an ambitious high achieving woman with  an inspiring story that needs to be told but your fear of public speaking is holding you back, don't worry I can help.

Welcome to Bold Moves Coaching where we help northern women like you to amplify your voice, boost your visibility, and create value while staying true to your vision.

Who Needs Public Speaking Support?

Unlock the power of your voice with my coaching if any of these resonate with you:


  • You struggle with fear of rejection and worry about bothering people so you don’t put yourself out there

  • You feel lonely in your professional life and have no one to talk to about your worries

  • You lack confidence that you’re doing a good job and fear being called out for not knowing something

  • Networking events terrify you and you still shudder at the time you had to speak for 20 seconds then ran back to your seat cringing

  • You think you should be promoting yourself online more but hate the thought of speaking on videos​

  • You’re scared of picking up the phone so miss out on opportunities to develop in your career

  • If you ever have to speak at work or an event, your heart pounds and you either mumble or waffle so nobody takes in what you say and you feel frustrated with yourself

  • You never feel good enough and negative self-talk henpecks away at you

How does it feel to get professional coaching?

Accepting help to grow personally and professionally takes courage, and yet once you do it, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.


Here's what our clients have to say:

"Liz has given me the tools and skills to prepare for any speaking occasion large or small."  

"Being part of the Academy has opened up new ideas, perspectives, and techniques, that each contribute to my personal and professional growth. It's a community that is constantly evolving and supports business owners like me to reach new heights of success." 

"Liz has been great in helping overcome stage fear, gain control in stressful situations and find better ways of influencing others. Liz is also an avid learner herself, unafraid of making bold moves and thus setting a great example for all of us."


"Liz’s support has had a x10 impact on my presentation, facilitation and speaking skills and boosted my confidence speaking beyond my expectations."

Bold Moves Live:
Empowering Events to Elevate Your Confidence

The energy of a roomful of women making courageous steps out of their comfort zone and celebrating each other is indescribable. 


Bold Moves Live is a series of in-person events where women like you come together to find their voice and unlock their inner confidence in an inspirational and loving environment.


Open to every female business owner who needs an injection of confidence, Bold Moves Live events are THE most empowering way to spend a day away from your business focusing on YOU. 


Prepare to leave feeling like a new woman (with a circle of new business friends!)

  • 19 Sept 2024, 09:30 – 16:00
    Bold Moves HQ - Oswaldtwistle, Clifton Mill, Pickup St, Accrington BB5 0EY, UK
    What's your story? We all have one! Imagine sharing your story to attract dream clients who truly value your worth and become loyal customers - what would that be worth to your business? Come and join us for a day of compelling selling with stories at Bold Moves LIVE!
  • 01 Oct 2024, 10:00 – 15:00
    Bold Moves HQ - Oswaldtwistle Mills, Clifton Mill, Pickup St, Accrington BB5 0EY, UK
    Are you ready to sprint towards the finish line and achieve your business goals before the year ends? Join us for the 90 Day Success Sprint, a dynamic mastermind event crafted specifically for female entrepreneurs determined to make the last quarter of 2024 their most successful yet. #finishstrong

Meet Your Public Speaking Coach

Hi, I’m Liz, the public speaking coach for women ready to accept professional support to grow your confidence and get everything you deserve from life.


Like you, I grew up labelled the shy girl - I’m not kidding when I say I cried all the way home from my first networking event. But I’ve since discovered the labels we - or others - put on ourselves hold us back from achieving everything we’re capable of. 


I get 80% of my enquiries from public speaking, and I’m here to show you the power of speaking up for yourself in every room.


Because you know from small wins like getting your point across in a room of suits, to big dreams like the financial freedom to travel whenever you like because your business is in such great shape.


You can work with me privately or as part of a supportive group to unleash your inner strength, self-belief, and confidence.

Bold Moves Academy: Speaking Community For Female Business Owners

Something magical happens when brilliant women join forces to pool their wisdom and experience and truly support each other - have you noticed?


Bold Moves Academy is a community of female business owners putting themselves first and working together to find the confidence to blossom personally and professionally.


Through monthly masterclasses, group coaching, motivational challenges, and weekly WhatsApp boosts, you’ll discover a world of support, friendship, and inspiration to take your confidence and business to the next level - all for just £49 a month.


Come on in and find out what a game changer it is to become a ‘Boldie’! 

Confidence Catalyst

Confidence Catalyst is your opportunity to work with me on a 1 to 1 basis to help you to confront your fears, overcome imposter syndrome and turn your vulnerability into visibility.


Created exclusively for female founders, coaches and consultants, this transformative programme empowers you to start sharing your expert knowledge with authority and authenticity.

Presentation Power Up

You’ve agreed to give a talk or presentation, but as the date creeps closer the sleepless nights are unbearable - can you really do this? 


Winging it risks knocking your confidence and harming your career. Instead, take action to prepare and practice so you can step up with confidence and pull off that talk everyone’s talking about (in a good way).


Presentation Power Up is a four-week package where we work together on your presentation confidence, structure, and impact. We cover everything, including body language, pace, how to answer questions, and even how to stand - have me in your pocket making sure your talk is a runaway success.


Ready to shift from pure panic to calm confidence and focus on how to make a fantastic impression on your audience?

Corporate Coaching

Whether you want to train your team to take things off your plate or grow your own personal confidence, I specialise in practical, enjoyable, and impactful corporate coaching on an individual or group basis.

I want you to feel confident in your career and get things done so you can keep progressing in a way that feels right for you.


Let’s work together to build confidence, set and smash targets, and make your business more dynamic through bespoke coaching packages.


You, your people, and your organisation are unique - so, I take an understanding, caring, and focused approach to delivering educational and inspirational support that challenges you and takes you to the next level of growth.

Liz Boswell

Book Me To Speak

Do you have an event coming up that would benefit from an inspirational and motivational speaker who specialises in confidence-building tips for women?


I love to share my knowledge at networking events, workshops, and masterclasses to inspire you to find your voice - and I always tailor my talk around your specific audience so they walk away buzzing with ideas.


Find out more about my latest appearances and see highlights of previous talks to see if I’d be a good fit for your next event.

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