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The complete presentation preparation package for business owners,

senior leaders, project managers, coaches and consultants.

Do you worry that your presentations aren't up to scratch?
Are you tired of being thrown in at the deep end with your presentation and spending hours cobbling together 20 or 30 PowerPoint slides with all the stats, graphs, and images you can muster. 

Not to mention the hours of sleep you lose worrying about messing it up....

Now is your opportunity to learn from a public speaking expert who's not only spent years honing her own skills but also coached literally hundreds of professionals to improve their speaking skills too.

Client feedback:

"Liz’s expertise and support is nothing short of exceptional."

"Liz’s support has had a x10 impact on my presentation, facilitation and speaking skills and boosted my confidence speaking beyond my expectations."



This is a unique presentation preperation programme which will transform your presentation skills.  In 4 simple steps you will learn how to properly plan, prepare and present with impact.

This is a complete presentation preparation programme which will transform your presentation skills in 4 simple steps.

This really is the full presentation preparation package from start to finish:


  • Research your audience and define your message

  • Plan the purpose to add value to your audience

  • Learn to structure your presentation to keep people engaged

  • Create stories and analogies to add evidence 

  • Practice your delivery over and over until you feel comfortable

  • Push yourself beyond your comfort zone

  • Record and review your presentation on video (for you to use later)

What's Included?

1 x 30 minute Presenting with Personality masterclass (pre recorded)
PLUS Presentation Power Up Planner
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