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How to avoid ruining your big presentation (and your reputation)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

You look at the clock - it’s 3am and you know you’re going to have another sleepless night because you can’t stop worrying about that BIG presentation!

For most of your career you’ve managed to avoid presenting, either saying you were too busy or delegating to one of your team.

But now you’re in senior management, part of your responsibility is to give presentations like the Year End Review to the entire business and you can’t avoid it any longer.

The trouble is you’ve had no training, no one has told you how to present and you’re terrified of getting it wrong. It’s taken you years to climb the corporate career ladder to leadership and you’re scared you’re now going to mess it up and look stupid in front of the entire company.

Could this be a make or break moment for your career?

How do you avoid ruining your presentation?

Now that you’re here, the absolute worst thing you can do is wing it! Don’t leave it until the last minute and then keep your fingers crossed that you scrape through by the skin of your teeth.

Trust me, it won’t go well and you risk getting a roasting from your boss, which will only serve to knock your confidence for any future presentations.

It’s time you started taking this seriously. Accept that public speaking is an essential skill for you as a leader and approach this as part of your professional development.

Where do you start?

There are lots of different options for developing your presentation skills. Here’s 3 that I recommend:

1️⃣ Ask for help internally in your company - look for a mentor who’s been through this themselves and can offer advice and support

2️⃣ Book a training course that focuses on developing skills to help you to feel more confident presenting.

3️⃣ Find a coach who’s experienced in achieving transformational results - quickly!

Late last year Catherine came to me in a blind panic! She had been asked to deliver a big company wide presentation at the end of January as part of her new role as head of department. The last time she’d done a presentation had not gone well and she didn’t want to mess this one up.

She knew she needed help. She had the slides prepared but needed to build her confidence presenting and improve her skills engaging her audience - quickly!

We got to work straight away so that Catherine could enjoy her Christmas break without having sleepless nights worrying about this big presentation!

In just 4 weeks she went from from fearful to fearless with my Presentation Power Up package. She learnt to speak with confidence and conviction to engage the entire company. Her feedback was awesome!

I’ve created this rapid results package for situations like this where you need help quickly.

The Presentation Power Up package includes the following:

Step 1: Bold Goal Setting - Identify the results you want to achieve from your presentation and set a BOLD goal.

Step 2: Presentation Preparation & Planning - Online Coaching session

  • Get really clear on the purpose for your presentation

  • Understand your audience and what they want from you

  • Create a clear message (3 key points you want your audience to remember)

  • Practice creating a positive first impression

  • Receive coaching, feedback and opportunities for improvement

NB. There will be ‘homework’ after the 1st session for you to create your slides, make improvements and practice your delivery

Step 3: Online Practice with Coaching & Feedback

  • Learn the best ways to create impact with body language

  • Receive coaching to challenge and stretch you to increase your confidence

  • Develop flexibility through adapting your pace and pitch

  • Be challenged to ‘think on your feet’ and keep on track under pressure

  • Receive coaching, feedback and suggestions for improvement

NB. Homework after step 3 will be to practice and record part of your presentation in preparation which you will send to me by WhatsApp for feedback.

Step 4: Deliver your presentation and celebrate your success!

As well as the above, the Power up your Presentation Package also includes:

⭐️ A 30 minute masterclass “How to pitch with personality"

⭐️ Presentation Planner - a complete guide to help you plan your presentation

⭐️ Preparation Checklist - a handy tool to give you confidence you're ready to shine

Think of me as your cheerleader on the side-lines empowering you to give this your best shot. Working together we’ll help you make this a defining moment in your career for the right reasons.

Start working on your presentation skills today and stop having those sleepless nights!

CLICK HERE to go to the booking page or send me an email with any questions.


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